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Posted : Thu, Jun 7, 2007 11:10 am
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This is the reason I have been neglecting my blog recently – Renovations! We were in our new apartment less than a month before we started ripping up carpet, pulling down cupboards and tearing out drywall. So far everything is going well, although it has taken some serious organization skills to live out of a bedroom and bathroom for a few weeks.

Surprisingly staying Gluten Free throughout all the chaos has not been as difficult as I might have thought! Here are some tips and tricks I have learnt along the way to keep my diet and energy levels balanced -

Breakfast – Arrive at work a little earlier and take advantage of the fabulous work kitchen…
For me I have my Natures Path Gorilla Munch (taking a break from the corn flakes) topped with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, half a banana and a drop of good ol’ Canadian Maple Syrup.

Lunch – Bring the toaster and all your appliances from home and cook up a gourmet lunch at work
For me I alternate between – nachos, cheese and ketchup on toast, toasted sandwiches with yummy salads and heated up left overs from last nights take away dinner.

Dinner – Remember all those fabulous friends you always cook dinner for? It’s time to pay them a visit :-)
This is where you need to get the most creative. We have been alternating nights buying take out, offering to cook dinner for a friend at their house and getting invited over to friends for BBQ’s. This week, we will be house sitting for a friend, which works out great. They have even stocked there BBQ full on gas, saying ‘the Aussie’s are coming to stay, we better have the BBQ ready’

All in all we have been managing fairly well and I cannot wait to have my brand spankin’ new kitchen installed and cook up some delicious gluten free delights for my fellow Gluten Free Foodie Friends.

Suzi xo

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