A scrumptious Gluten Free lunch

Posted : Wed, Jul 11, 2007 3:35 pm
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Gluten Free Roast Beef Sandwich

Today for my work lunch I decided I would use some left over roast beef with some fresh for a yummy open toasted sandwich. This has become my new favourite combo, I can’t stop eating it!!! Here is the recipe..

Roast Beef Open Sandwiches
Glutino flax seed bread – toasted
fresh organic avocado
cold roast beef, lightly salted
slices of fresh organic red pepper
sliced of pickled banana peppers
fresh organic baby arugula leaves (or baby spinach)

Layer ingredients in order as listed and enjoy with an ice cold glass of water.

Tip: If you have trouble buying Gluten Free Bread, this would also be great with grilled polenta or on rice/corn crackers


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