Now serving Gluten Free pasta

Posted : Sat, Nov 22, 2008 8:03 pm
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One of Whistler’s popular Italian Restaurants is now serving Gluten Free pasta! Thank you to our good friends at Quattro for arranging Gluten Free pasta to always be on hand and educating your staff on our dietary needs.

I cannot tell you how much easier this makes our life; that we can now go to an authentic Italian restaurant and order delicious pasta’s.

Next time you are in Whistler, be sure to ask your server for Gluten Free Pasta. They are stocking corn pasta for Celiac’s and spelt pasta for those just with wheat allergies.

Quattro Restaurant – located in the Pinnacle Hotel, Whistler, BC, Canada

And don’t forget – Thursdays is $10 pasta night! See you there


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A Gluten Free Mistake! By now I should know better…

Posted : Wed, Aug 8, 2007 11:09 am
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You would think after being Gluten Free for 7 years I would have my diet totally under control and
NEVER get contaminated!

Well, in fact it is the opposite. I was more ‘’ in my first few years than I am today!

Rice Cakes

You see as I learn to live with my and rarely have any symptoms, I begin to get relaxed and comfortable with my regular brands and products. A perfect example is yesterday. I was buying some groceries for my work lunches this week at my regular grocery store, when I noticed that were on special. My usual choice of butter popcorn was already sold out, so not being able to decide between White Cheddar or Tomato and Basil; I decided I would just get both.

Today I opened the packet of Tomato and Basil and was delighted how tasty they were. I was already planning the toppings I would add for lunch when I started to take notice at how much flavouring they were coated in and I began to wonder… hhmm maybe these are not Gluten Free? I was so tempted to just take another bite and claim ignorance, but I seam to be doing this a lot lately so decided to take my own advice and do some research.

This is what I found on the Website in the FAQ -

13. Do you have any ?
• Although The Quaker Oats Company of Canada primarily produces products that are grain-based, we do have a few gluten-free products. Most flavours of Quaker® Rice and Corn Cakes and Quaker® Crispy Minis Rice Chips are gluten free. However, our newest flavour of
, is not gluten free. Gatorade® Thirst Quencher, Aunt Jemima® Syrups and Quaker® Corn Meal are all gluten free. Quaker® Puffed Rice is also considered gluten free; however, as is produced on the same production line as Puffed Wheat, there is a minute chance of cross contamination. Due to changes which might occur to the product formula, it is important to check our ingredient listing regularly.

Doh! I was so upset with them for making a rice product and then adding yeast to it!!! Why I ask why!!! But on top of that I was angry and frustrated with myself. I know better than not to read the label on a product, especially a new flavour.

So Suzi’s new rule is:

“Always check the ingredients labels on new flavours and products, but to also check the products I eat regularly, because you never know then they change the ingredients and what is gluten free one day, may not be the next!”

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“We’ve got Gluten-Free buns, just ask your server”

Posted : Wed, Apr 4, 2007 3:16 pm
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Gluten Free Menu

What a welcoming surprise to find this note on the menu board at Glacier Creek restaurant on Blackcomb Mountain ☺ It looks like are here to stay in …

Last winter season Whistler Blackcomb began offering Gluten Free hamburger buns at their on mountain restaurants Glacier Creek (Blackcomb) and Roundhouse Lodge (Whistler). It had always been a small temporary note stuck on the board or window where you ordered. I am very happy to report that this season WhistlerBlackcomb have continued to offer Gluten-Free hamburger buns and made them a permanent member on the menu.

Over the years I have snowboarded at many resorts, but I would have to say that has gone above and beyond in the menu items they provide. Every station has a full ingredients list, so whether you want bowl of chilli, a loaded potato, a bowl of noodles or now a hamburger, they are able to check the ingredients at the drop of a hat.

They could possibly work a little more on the cross-contamination, but this is mostly just at the beginning of the season, when all the staff are new. By the end of the season, I barely have to explain my needs to the staff – how refreshing.

Gluten Free Chicken Club Burger

– Glacier Creek, Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is at the top of my list of Gluten Free friendly ski resorts. If anyone has any other stories of great gluten free resorts, send me a comment. I would love to hear about them.

Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb – Our Playground

What a magic view!
Everywhere we skied on Saturday, people were smiling, laughing and celebrating another beautiful spring day in the mountains. The bars and restaurants were overflowing with locals and tourists alike enjoying another gorgeous day.

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A bowl of Gluten Free Corn Flakes

Posted : Fri, Mar 23, 2007 7:42 pm
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This morning we have woken to pouring rain. It is much warmer in Whistler valley and spring is certainly in the air. Today I find myself thinking back to all those wonderful winter days, when we were up at the crack of dawn and chomping at the bit to go snowboard some fresh powder. Below an snippet from my journal about a typical day in my gluten free life…

Whister Snowboarding

“All the energy I need for a days snowboarding from a bowl of Gluten Free corn flakes topped with fresh banana, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and maple syrup.”

What a magical day! Except for the alarm going off a 6:45am that is..

This morning we woke to 30cm of fresh snow and perfect blue bird skies. You can feel the excitement building in the house as everyone rushes to get ready for first lifts. I start my morning with my energy fix of corn flakes topped with banana, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and maple syrup. It’s going to be a long day and I need all the energy I can get. We make it to Whistler and are fairly early in the Creekside line up. At 8:30 the gondola opens and we are bursting with excitement to get up the mountain.

We spend the morning carving up fresh lines in the open bowls, enjoying deep powder in the gladed tree runs and laughing at my terrible attempts to get air off some jumps. By mid morning we are beside ourselves with excitement at being one of the first groups down Whistler bowl and Shale slope. Few get to enjoy this long, fast, steep run in waist deep powder… aahh this is what living is all about!! After a few lines down we take off for a run through Khyber, managing to sneak more of that fresh snow everyone has been search for. It is magical out there. No one around, sun shining through the old growth forest of hundred year old pine trees and fresh snow twinkling in the sunlight… really is a winter Disneyland!

By midday it is time to head home and indulge in some delicious . All morning we have been discussing how great it would have been to have bacon and eggs for breakfast, so we decided to have them for lunch. A perfect treat to fill our bellies and prepare us for a well earned afternoon nap.

Bacon, Eggs and Hashbrowns

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Roger’s Chocolates Gluten Free

Posted : Sat, Mar 10, 2007 9:26 pm
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Rogers' Chocolates

I recently moved into a new apartment and to my delight my new flatmate worked for Roger’s Chocolates!

Although I am not a die hard chocolate fan I new I was not going to be able to resist the temptation of all these tasty delights, so I decided to email Roger’s and get the word on whether these delicious treats were gluten free?

Their response “The only chocolate we have that is not Gluten Free is the Peach Victoria Cream, there is trace amounts in the flavouring. All of the other chocolates we have are Gluten Free. The Bear Paws are Gluten Free.”

I had asked specifically about Bear Paw’s because they are my favourite, along with the white chocolate with almonds, and the chocolate coated strawberries (valentines day special).

So for all those in Canada, visit your local Roger’s Chocolates and spoil yourself this Easter… and for those who are not fortunate to have a Roger’s Chocolates locally, they do ship worldwide!


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Back in Canada…

Posted : Sat, Mar 3, 2007 11:04 pm
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After many hours of traveling across the pacific we are back in Whistler, British Columbia. We had a fantastic time in Australia but it is certainly great to be back in the land of snow! Whistler is having one of its best seasons on record and with over 35 feet of snow, we are happy to be back enjoying it.

Frozen Tree

Since being back, I have been frequenting my local grocery stores to pick up all my favourite gluten free products; Thai kitchen yellow curry paste, Glutino corn bread, Kinnikinnick english muffins and pizza bases, Bob’s Redmill gluten free cookie flour and Lifestream buckwheat waffles with maple syrup.

For a little touch of home I decided to make Jam Drops today. As a child my Mum and I would always makes these when I was at home board. It was one of my favourite recipes back then and still is today. To keep things interesting I decided to experiment a little. I find the Bob’s Redmill flour has a somewhat over powering baking powder taste, so I picked up a packet of Pamela’s Gluten Free baking mix at the store. This has a much nicer vanilla flavour, but the only problem is that once baked the cookies spread out much more than with Bob’s Redmill. To try and compensate for this I decided to use a little of both and voilà it worked like a charm. The mixture had a much nicer flavour and the cookies kept their shape. My next problem was that I had not had the chance to pick up any vanilla from the grocery store – I am still restocking the cupboards after being away – so in the interest of experimenting I decided to add 2 dessertspoons of gluten free custard powder. Wow! The result was delicious custard cream flavour cookie dough. I baked them for approx 10-12min before giving one to my non-coeliac resident food critic – my hubby James – and the result was a 10/10!

Pre-cooked Jam Drops

For the recipe check out Jam Drops on GFL Cooking.



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Gluten Free Nanaimo Bar

Posted : Sat, Jan 27, 2007 8:26 pm
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Whilst visiting Canada last summer, my Mum noticed that in almost every coffee shop & bakery we went to, they were serving Nanaimo Bar. Finally one day she said, I am sure I used to make that slice, I am going to buy one and check?

To my surprise when I arrived home in Sydney, Australia for Christmas my Mum served up a fresh batch of Gluten Free Nanaimo Bar!!

Gluten Free Nanaimo Bar

I have since tested the recipe out on a few local west coast Canadians, only to be told it was the best Nanaimo Bar they have ever had. Who would have thought the recipe would come from Australia for such a popular Vancouver Island treat.

Check out the recipe at


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Skiing & Snowboarding: the first fresh turns of the season..

Posted : Sun, Nov 19, 2006 6:13 pm
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Yesterday was our first day snowboarding for the season. Whistler Blackcomb opened with 150cm of snow & waist deep powder for everyone. It was such a big day and we were on the go the whole time!

So how do you keep your energy & stay Gluten Free whilst out in the elements?

1. Keep some snacks in your jacket pocket. Many of my friends carry energy bars, but I often have trouble finding Gluten Free Bars so instead I carry with me a small bag of mixed nuts. These have a very low GI (Glycemix Index) and will help to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

2. At Whistler Blackcomb we are lucky enough to have them provide Gluten Free Hamburger Buns! These are available at the Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler & the Rendevous Lodge on Blackcomb. Yesterday when we stopped for lunch I ordered the Chicken Club Burger. It was really nice & I would recommended trying one.

3. If you are not lucky enough to have the resort restaurants provide Gluten Free foods then I would suggest carrying either a full packed lunch in your backpack or taking a Gluten Free bun with you. Most of the day lodges have restaurants selling burgers & you can ask them to make up yours with your own Gluten Free bun. Microwaves are also provided so you could take a Gluten Free meal from home & heat up once you are there. It is cold & snowy outside so you do not need to be worried about keeping your food cold while it is in your backpack. Lockers are also provided so if you did not want to carry your pack, you can leave it in them.

Have fun & enjoy those fresh powder turns….

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Fifty Two 80 Bistro

Posted : Mon, Nov 13, 2006 5:57 pm
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Fifty Two 80 Bistro
Four Seasons Hotel
Whistler, Canada

Last night we went out for a beautiful dinner at one of Whistler’s best restuarants. I was extremely impressed! The staff were exceptional in arranging a gluten free meal for myself and a gluten free & dairy free meal for my friend. I did not even need to explain what the gluten free diet involved, our server was totally aware of our needs and able to offer instant advice on what foods would be suitable.

An excellent restaurant with exceptional service & an inviting atmosphere .

Fifty Two 80 Bistro specialize in seafood with oysters, crab, lobster and prawns offered daily. They also featured lamb & pork spit-roasted specialties and Canadian prime beef off the grill.

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Gluten Free Waffles with Fresh Berries

Posted : Thu, Nov 9, 2006 2:20 am
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Lifestream Gluten Free Buckwheat WafflesJust tried waffles for the first time in 5 years!

Gradually over the years after being diagnosed as a Coeliac, I have slowly started to introduce substituted foods back into my diet.

Today I decided to try waffles. I was able to get them at my local grocery store which was great. They were a little on the expensive
side, but then what Gluten Free food isn’t!

There were a couple of different brands to choose from but in the end I went with LifeStream Buckwheat Waffles with Real Berries.
They were delicious! Being that we are currently in Canada I saw it fit to smother them with Pure Organic Maple Sryup,
then topped them with my yummy self saucing berries.

All in all I would say it was a success!

Self Saucing Berry Recipe –
Stockist for LifeStream –

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