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Coeliac Disease is an auto immune disorder where damage occurs to the villi lining of the small intestine when exposed to the protein gluten. Symptoms can include recurring abdominal bloating and pain, stomach cramps, chronic diarrhea, fatigue, behavioural changes & delayed growth. Long term damage affects the body's ability to absorb nutrients which can in turn cause malnutrition & other related conditions such as osteoporosis & anemia.

Gluten is found primarily in foods containing wheat, barley & rye but is also found in vitamins, medicines and drinks. Current treatment is a strict Gluten Free diet in which Coeliacs must not eat any product or bi-product containing gluten and must always be careful of cross-contamination of their food.

We hope you find Gluten Free Living a helpful guide to maintaining your diet, whilst still enjoying all the pleasures of life.

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